Quiz: WHAT Does 'Twerk' Mean?

It's another win for "twerk."

The word, which means sexual gyration, is No. 1 on the list of top 10 telewords for 2013.

Telewords are words and phrases that are generated from the four screens of contemporary communications: television, computer, tablet and smart phone, according to Global Language Monitor.

You are what you watch and surf. Do enough of both, and it's easy to adopt the language style of your favorite characters and events. This is nothing new. For years now, the Global Language Monitor has analyzed trends in television word usage and word choices and their impact on the various aspects of American culture.

The top 10 telewords of 2013 and the source that made them so popular:

1. Twerk
Source: Video Music Awards
Miley Cyrus's sexually-suggestive gyrations have many precedents in American popular music from jazz to the jitterbug, Elvis's swiveling hips to hip hop--and now twerking.

2. Tread lightly
Source: "Breaking Bad"
Walter White's admonition to Walt had much the same effect as his earlier plans, as the world continues to swallow all around him.

3. Facial profiling
Source: "Duck Dynasty"
Their beards may be unkempt, but no more so then the rest of their lives, business and personal affairs.

4. Posh soap
Source: "Downton Abbey"
Though heartbreak is always around the corner, the Crawleys marshal forth.

5. Valar morghulis
Source: "Game of Thrones"
This translates to 'All men must die" in the Dothraki language. What else could it possibly mean?

6. Jersey Shore
Source: The news/Internet
First water, then fire, what next? Stay tuned for the unfolding saga of Seaside Heights, New Jersey since Superstorm Sandy.

7. Honey Boo Boo
Source: "Honey Boo Boo"
It's outrageous--and quite possibly exploitation--but Honey Boo Boo has made an impression worldwide. Exhibit A: "Honey Boo Boo" has a million references in Chinese search engines.

8. Royal baby
Source: The news
The on-going Kate and Wills (and now Georgie) reality show.

9. Space jump
Source: The Internet/news
The monumental stunt organized by Red Bull in which Felix Baumgartner leaped into space.

10. @pontifex
Source: The Internet
The official Twitter handle of one Pope Francis of Vatican City.

Top telewords of previous years:

    2012: Adorkable (from "New Girl," "Big Bang" and "Modern Family")
    2011: SpillCam (from the Gulf Oil Spill)
    2010: Royal Wedding (from the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William)
    2009: ObamaVision (All Obama, all the time)
    2008: Beijing (from the Olympics)
    2007: Surge (from the Iraq War's political and military strategy)
    2006: Truthiness (from "The Colbert Show")
    2005: Refugee (from the coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina)
    2004: You're fired! (from "The Apprentice")

--From the Editors at Netscape

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