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NASA's Hubble Space Telescope took this true-color view of Jupiter in support of the New Horizons Mission. The image released 01 March, 2007 was taken with Hubble's Wide Field Planetary Camera 2, on 17 February, using the planetary camera detector. Jupiter's trademark belts and zones of high and low-pressure regions appear in crisp detail. Circular convection cells can be seen at high northern and southern latitudes. Atmospheric features as small as 250 miles (400 km) across can be discerned. Hubble willcontinue to photograph Jupiter as well as its volcanically active moon, Io, over the next month as the New Horizons spacecraft flies past Jupiter. New Horizons is en route to Pluto, and made its closest approach to Jupiter 28 February, 2007. Through combined remote imaging by Hubble and in situ measurements by New Horizons, the two missions will support each other scientifically to learn more about the Jovian atmosphere, the aurorae, and the charged-particle environment of Jupiter and its interaction withthe solar wind. (Photo by HO/AFP/Getty Images)

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