Eminem Slams Donald Trump Again on New Song 'Like Home,' Featuring Alicia Keys

LOS ANGELES (Variety.com) - Between last fall's "Campaign Speech," October's vicious "Storm" freestyle and the anti-racist "Untouchable," Eminem has been turning the full fury of his insult lyrics on Donald Trump for more than a year. And anyone listening for it didn't have to wait long before another one arrived on the rapper's new album, "Revival," which dropped at midnight.

"Like Home," featuring Alicia Keys, is a strange mixture of verbal takedown and patriotic anthem, with Keys soaring on a chorus that's clearly evocative of her hook on Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind," while, between his furious takedowns of the president, Eminem exhorts "stand up!" and concludes with "Hands in the air, let's hear it for/ The start of a brand new America."

Choice lines include:

"Someone get this Aryan a sheet Time to bury him, so tell him to prepare to get impeached Everybody on your feet This is where terrorism and heroism meets, square up in the streets This chump barely even sleeps All he does is watch Fox News like a parrot and repeats While he looks like a canary with a beak Why you think banned transgenders from the military with a tweet? He's tryin' to divide us This shit's like a cult, but like Johnny, he'll only unite us."

(That last line is a deep football reference: Johnny Unitas was an MVP quarterback for the Baltimore Colts in the 1950s and '60s.)

The uplift takes precedence in Em's final verse as he checks off references to Kaepernick, Charlottesville, and even the time back in 2004 when Trump gave a mock-endorsement speech during the "Shady Convention" when the rapper launched his satellite radio channel.

"But you ain't ruining our country, punk You won't take our pride from us, you won't define us 'Cause like a dictionary, things are looking up So much, got a sprained neck, know we would rise up Against this train wreck and take a stand Even if it mean sittin' when they raise the flag This ain't the Star Spangled Banner This man just praised a statue of General Lee 'Cause he generally hates the black people, degrades hispanics Take it back to the Shady national convention Wish I woulda spit on it before I went to shake his hand at the event or maybe had the wherewithal To know that he was gonna try to tear apart a sacred land We cherish and stand for, so Hands in the air, let's hear it for The start of a brand new America Without him, and be proud of where we're from And here's to where we're from."

Positivity can have a strange effect when coming from such a deeply cynical character as Eminem, but there's no ambivalence here.

12/15/2017 12:23

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