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What name do you think is the ''happiest''?
You're kidding, right?
Happiest People Have These Names

If you have friends named Judy or Joshua and they're always ridiculously upbeat and happy, there's a reason: It's in their name. The happiest people are likely to be named Judy or Joshua, and the most miserable are Lynn and Ben.

At least, that's the word from psychologist Dr. David Holmes of Britain's Manchester Metropolitan University, who claims people's personalities change to fit the name their parents gave them.

Top 10 happiest women's names:

  • Judy
  • Stephanie
  • Linda
  • Pam
  • Pat
  • Fiona
  • Paula
  • Susan
  • Isobel
  • Vicky

Top 10 happiest men's names:

  • Joshua
  • Jason
  • Matthew
  • Terry
  • Barry
  • Stan
  • Ian
  • Craig
  • Nigel
  • Christopher

Top 10 unhappiest women's names:

  • Lynn
  • Charlotte
  • Tina
  • Amy
  • Tara
  • Sam
  • Alex
  • Tanya
  • Jessica
  • Olivia

Top 10 unhappiest men's names:

  • Ben
  • Andrew
  • Edward
  • Tim
  • Owen
  • Bob
  • Dennis
  • Ray
  • Alfie
  • Jeremy

Holmes insists that our names are similar to brand names in that people associate certain characteristics with them and compare them to famous people who have the same name. When that happens, an individual's personality can actually be shaped to fit his or her name and the assumptions others make about that name.

"We know from our research that names can influence student marks so it follows that they also affect how we treat those so named," Holmes told the BBC. "The associations we have with certain names, particularly significant namesakes, also shape how we see ourselves and so may have an effect on our confidence and assumed role in society. Names have a powerful effect on attitudes and should therefore be chosen with care."

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