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Do you have a man cave?
The Top 10 Rules for a Man Cave

What every man needs--well, at least according to most men--is a man cave.

It can be anything from an extra bedroom to the entire expanse of a finished basement, complete with a wet bar and a home theater. Size doesn't matter. Rather, it's the notion of escape, the sanctuary from the world of work and women. That is what matters.

Mike Jakaitis, a reporter for WTOP News in Washington, D.C., has his own man cave. If you want to construct a man cave, he says there are five essential items:
1. A really big TV. It must be at least 40 inches.

2. A really loud sound system. Here's the test to determine if it's loud enough: Your wife must yell at you at least 10 times during the weekend to turn it down.

3. A really comfortable sofa designed so you can fall asleep on it within 10 minutes with a remote in one hand.

4. A bar. No space or money to build a bar? Get a mini-fridge.

5. Accessories that show off your manhood, such as sports, music or movie paraphernalia.

In addition, Jakaitis has created 10 rules for his man cave. Women are welcome to join him in his cave, but they must follow his rules--even if they think they're a bit narrow-minded.

Top 10 rules for a man cave:
1. This is the most important rule: Under no circumstances do you give up your remote. You can let others try it out, but when the action is on the tube, that thing stays with you.

2. No flowers, potpourri or any kind of sweet smelling scent is allowed.

3. The following channels are banned: Lifetime, WE TV, LMN or anything involving Oprah or Martha Stewart.

4. No Snuggies.

5. Magazines in the ilk of Cosmopolitan and Us Weekly are not allowed.

6. Coasters are optional.

7. All language is tolerated.

8. Anything entering the cave with a Dallas Cowboys reference can and will be destroyed. (This is Jakaitis' rule. You can substitute the sports team you most dislike in place of the Cowboys.)

9. No talking about what he or she is wearing while singing the National Anthem.

10. No crying is allowed. (A tough rule to follow. See Rule 7.)

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