She's True, But He's Blue

Q: I've been with my boyfriend for 3 months. We've both been through bad relationships where we were cheated on. I love him and would never cheat on him, but for some reason he thinks I am. He says stupid little comments to me all the time. He swears I'm cheating but I work from 9-5, and he lives with me at my parents' house. We are always together. Why does he still doubt me?? — Melinda, 18

Dr. Susan: Your boyfriend doubts you because he's been fooled before and is afraid to trust anyone. His stupid little comments are a way of asking you for reassurance, so be kind and keep telling him that you are true to him. The fact that you have "no time" is not enough to turn off his doubts. When people want to have affairs, they manage to find the time, no matter what. So see his comments for what they are and offer him as much of a sense of security as you possibly can. And if you tire of him, which certainly may happen with you being so young, be honest and upfront with him.

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