Normal to Wait for Sex?

Q: About a month ago, I met a man in a club. He's two years younger than me. I'm attracted to older men, but we started talking on the phone and we both made it clear that we weren't looking for a relationship, that we were both trying to get our lives together. As we continued to get to know one another, we found we have a lot of things in common. I started developing feelings for him, and it turned out that he liked me, too. We have hung out more lately, and I think I have fallen in love with him. He says he's in love with me, too. We still haven't had sex. Is this normal in a relationship when two people feel this way about each other? — Francie, 23

Dr. Susan: Considering that your guy is only 21, it's not abnormal that he hasn't initiated a sexual relationship with you yet. Meanwhile, think about whether you're idealizing him. It's so common to think a new guy is just what you've always wanted. But who knows? You only know him a month altogether. That's hardly enough time to make any big decisions. It's fine (in fact it's MORE than fine) to hold off on the physical side a while longer until you spend more time getting to know who he really is.

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