Shouldn't Boyfriend Talk More?

Q: I met a great guy who gives me feelings like I've never had before. When we're together we're like a couple and everything is great. As soon as I leave, I won't hear from him for days, and even if I send a text, he won't reply. When I do hear from him it's as if no time had passed. We see each other and the cycle starts again. Am I reading too much into this or am I his booty call? — Diana, 39

Dr. Susan: I do think you may be reading too much into this relationship. You'd like to think of the two of you as a couple, but neither you nor I have a clue as to what he thinks. If he only comes around to get physical, and isn't affectionate and communicative at other times, then maybe your fear is correct. You may mean nothing more to him than that. Have you asked him why he never replies to your texts? He could be one of those guys who doesn't like chit-chat and prefers to keep your interaction real, i.e., he only communicates in person. Sounds like he's taking your availability for granted. How about, one time, not being available when he calls and see what happens? Too hard? Then my best advice is to ask him what you've asked me, and see if his explanation is satisfying to you.

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