New Widow Not Ready to Date

Q: My friends have been trying to get me to go on a singles cruise and I'm reluctant. As a recent widow (six months), I just don't know if I'm ready to start dating. I'm worried about the intentions of other men as I am now responsible for my deceased husband's large estate. I don't want to be alone the rest of my life, but how do know when it's the right time? — Joanne, 59

Dr. Susan: I understand your reluctance to begin dating only six months after your husband's death. Some women are ready, some aren't. Maybe a little local socializing might be a better way to test your readiness, rather than a cruise where you could feel trapped for the duration if you're uncomfortable. As for the intentions of strange men, they don't need to know your financial status until you know them well. There's no way anyone would know you're a wealthy widow if you don't advertise that information. If you find yourself longing for companionship, or if you're ready to at least find out what it feels like to spend time with another man, give it a try.

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