Her Guy Doesn't Eat Right

Q: After a recent doctor's visit, my husband was told his cholesterol was too high along with high blood pressure. While he's committed to changing his diet at home, I can't convince him to eat more moderately when dining out. He's always going for the steak or ordering a second cocktail. How can I convince him to eat more responsibly? — Jenny-Lynn, 59

Dr. Susan: Is he one of those people who insists that a few exceptions to his healthy eating regime won't hurt him? The key, then, is to determine how often he's making exceptions. Then check with his doctor. If you eat out twice a month, that's a whole different situation than if you eat out two or more times a week. How many exceptions and how big are those exceptions? He has to take charge of his own eating. If he begins to resent your interference, he may rebel, to no one's benefit. Of course, you have to let him know that your reminders are made out of love for him and your wish to have him around for a long time. I'd let him do it his way and see if his blood numbers improve.

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