Uprooted and Miserable

Q: Last year, I moved my family to a country on the other side of the world for my husband's career. The adjustment to a new culture and his demanding new schedule, all without the support of close friends or family, has not been an easy one for me. But he's loving it! He's like a different person here: hitting happy hour with his colleagues, working late and jet-setting around the world for meetings. I miss my "old" homebody husband and want to move back to the U.S. with the kids, but he's not ready. Should I go without him? --Alexa, 43

Dr. Susan: My answer has to depend on how long the two of you were planning to stay abroad. Was it meant to be a time-delimited transfer? Because if you knew when it would be over, you might be able to hang in there for your husband's sake. But if he's having such a great time and you're having such a terrible and lonely time, the two of you must have a serious conversation about the future. Compromise is a necessity in any long-term relationship. Your husband needs to spend more time with you and the kids, obviously. To move back without him would be a very serious decision, so, with him, think through all the pros and cons.

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