Why Won't He Say "Girlfriend"?

Q: I've been seeing "John" for two months. We hang out all the time, spend most nights together and text every day. Though we haven't talked about the status of our relationship, he tells me we have a strong connection and that I'm "special" to him. The problem is that he tells everyone else that we're "just friends"! What gives? - Dani, 20

Dr. Susan: Two months isn't always long enough for a young man to commit to a relationship in front of his friends and family. You may very well be special to him, but he may not be ready to feel boxed in by the "boyfriend" label. Sounds like you have a good thing going. Just don't make the mistake of expecting it to last forever. It's actually early to fret over the status of your relationship. Try to take it day by day (and don't get pregnant).

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