How to Avoid the Question?

Q: Last weekend, while putting away laundry, I found a diamond ring hidden in my boyfriend's dresser. I love him, but don't feel ready for that! We've only recently moved in together and I think it's too soon to take the next step. Is there any way I can keep him from popping the question? -- Marissa, 26

Dr. Susan: He may feel it's too soon also, which is why the ring is hidden. Apparently for your boyfriend, moving in together was a very big step, one that will probably be followed sooner or later by a proposal of marriage. I can only suggest you sound him out casually. "Where do you see us in five years?" or "I love living with you. I don't want to change a thing. Don't you agree?"

If he does pop the question before you're ready, be honest. Say something like, "I'm speechless! No, really. Could you ask me that again in a year? I love you madly, and 'm not going anywhere, but I have to be more than a hundred per cent sure before I commit to the forever thing."

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