His Screen Time Leaves Her Lonely

Q: My boyfriend and I are dating long distance, so we currently only see each other on weekends. I want to make the most of our limited time together, but it feels like he spends most of the time staring at his phone. It happens during meals, while watching movies, practically from the minute he gets up until he falls asleep. How do I get him to unplug his phone before I unplug our relationship?-Roni, 24

Dr. Susan: What you need to do is tell your boyfriend, in your most serious voice, that if he chooses not to unplug his ever-present phone when you're together, you will unplug the relationship. Send him an ALL-CAPS text if you must. His cell phone addiction, when the two of you are still in the dating stage of your relationship: that's a bright red light for your future. You shouldn't sit still for that.

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