She's Not Ready to Love Him

Q: My husband and I have been married for five years, together for eight. On the surface, things look fine. We get along and rarely fight. The problem is that lately I feel so indifferent to him. I no longer want to spend time with him (and forget about having sex). Am I just comfortable and afraid of leaving? Is it even worth trying to fix things, or is it too late? - Rebecca, 38

Dr. Susan: Women (and men) often feel a diminishing interest in sex over time, especially if no effort is made to freshen things up. What concerns me is that you don't even want to spend time with your mate. Is it worth your while to leave him? You are young enough to begin again, but you are also capable of trying to fix things. Begin by having an open-hearted conversation with him about what's missing for you. If he isn't interested in listening or if nothing improves, consider marriage counseling. I'm pretty sure that if you are indifferent to him, he has noticed and is also unhappy. Honesty is crucial.

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