Is Her Indifference Fixable?

Q: I have been dating my guy for about a month and he recently told me he loved me. The first time I laughed and told him he didn't know me well enough to feel that way. The second time I said I just wasn't ready to say it back. He's said it a few more times since then, and it's getting awkward. It's just too soon! What do I do? - Mia, 54

Dr. Susan: If he's a cool guy in general, just be honest. Let him know it takes you a long while to feel really safe with someone, and that you don't think in terms of love so readily. And also mention that every time he says it to you, it feels like a kind of pressure. He may be very needy, plus he may truly find you to be the perfect woman. Spend as much time as you can getting to know one another.

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