No Sex For 5 Years

Q: I just met a guy that I'm into after a long dating hiatus. Because it's been a few years since my last relationship, and because I've just never been into casual sex, I haven't had sex in about five years. I could see this guy changing all that, but my question is: do I tell him how long it's been? Or will he just wonder what's wrong with me? Cheri-45

Dr. Pamela: Whether it's five, days, weeks, month or years, the amount of time since your last sexual encounter should have zero affect on your new relationship. Think about it. Why would you need to share that information with him prior to having sex? Are you giving him some sort of warning about a possible defect? Of course not. You're not selling him a car that's been idle for five years. You are still the beautiful sexual woman that you've always been. And now after a long break, you're ready again to immerse yourself in a new relationship. When you're closer to this man, then, if you choose, you can share more. But for right now, have fun and let the relationship take its course.

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