She Regrets Leaving

Q: My boyfriend and I decided to call it quits about a year ago as we both wanted to pursue our own endeavors—his was to become a fire fighter and mine involved moving down south to take a management position. For the first few months, everything felt like this was supposed to be the way it was. We were both sad but knew it was for the best. But now I feel like I might have made a big mistake. I miss him terribly and think this management position is the pits. I am so scared to tell him I want to move back, but I really feel that way. I'm just so scared he'll say no and I'll be stuck in a job I'm really starting to hate in a state where I have no friends. -Janelle, 32

Dr. Anna: If you are unhappy in your current position, you can change it. Whether or not you can rekindle your relationship with your ex should be irrelevant to your decision about your career. They are two separate issues. Why not call up your ex and tell him how you've been feeling? At the same time, why not start thinking about where else you might live or what other jobs you might be interested in? If you're miserable, get things moving in a different direction.

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