Mom Influencing Political Views

Q: My husband and I have always been on the same page politically. Lately, he's been staying with his family more due to his father's illness. His family has completely different political views than we do, and the more he stays with them, the more his views seem to be changing. I fear my mother-in-law is bringing up politics a lot and influencing him. He is very impressionable around his mother, and I'm finding it very difficult to see my husband change so much in such a short time. What should I do? - Janice, 29

Dr. Anna: Emotions about politics are at an all time high lately. However, your husband is also in an emotional situation. A parent's illness can be a very difficult and vulnerable time for adult children. Try spending some time with him and showing your support for him while his father is ill. You could also mention some of the changes you've noticed, but you might give it some more time. Most likely, your husband's views will settle back to normal when his circumstances calm down again.

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