Dating Friend's Ex

Q: I have been single for two years and recently started seeing someone who is amid a divorce. The problem is, he's divorcing a friend of mine who cheated on him and left him for someone else. He's awesome, and I'm not sure yet if this will be an actual relationship. She isn't a good friend of mine, but I definitely feel conflicted about this. Should I pursue or put an end to this? -Siobhan, 42

Dr. Anna: It sounds like you've been taking it slow, which is a good idea. Giving him time and space to heal on his own is going to give you the best chance at a solid romantic relationship down the road. If you really like him, take your time. A healthy supportive friendship is a great base for romance later. As for your friend—you don't owe her much beyond common courtesy here. If she wanted to be with him she wouldn't have left him. As for you, if he's worth it, you can wait until things are finalized and he is in a good place emotionally to start a new relationship.

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