Too Much Texting

Q: My husband is addicted to his phone and social media. He is constantly texting and messaging with people, and I never know who they are. I know I'm being paranoid, but I feel like we are suddenly becoming more and more distant. I have talked to him about this, and he agrees to pull back, but I often find him checking his phone at every moment when I step away. I'm jealous that he is constantly conversing with people that I don't know. How do I deal with this? -Brenda,30

Dr. Anna: You've asked for changes and he hasn't been able to accommodate you. It sounds like your gut is telling you something is up. Are you worried he is having an affair? Do your best to find a time when you're both calm to tell him how his behavior has been impacting you and what you're afraid of. If he isn't receptive, it might be helpful to try a few sessions of couple's counseling. Having a neutral person to help you two work through this together could be useful.

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