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Q: I recently decided to go back to school to study physical therapy. There is a lot of reading involved, and I find that with three kids and a husband it can be rather hard to get it all done, but I’m doing my best. I just wish my husband would respect my time when I ask him that I need quiet time in order to read my chapters. I do feel bad because then he has to watch the kids. Am I being selfish? -Janeen, 36

Dr. Anna: Presumably, you talked with him about the decision to go back to school. Taking time to develop yourself and your professional skills will probably benefit your entire family. School doesn’t last forever, and it’s not selfish to ask for extra support from your spouse especially when your circumstances are temporary. Think about what you want to model for your kids. Would you want them to be studying, asking for what they need, and asking for help when they need it? Then set the example!

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