Tricks are for Fools

Q: I love all of your articles and advice! It seems that girls have been using the oldest tricks in the book since the dawn of time to push guys' hot buttons (i.e., innocently bending over while wearing a dangerously low-cut top). I was wondering if you could teach us new dogs some new tricks? -- Marge

Dr. Susan: Magicians perform tricks to fool their audience. What's your goal in attracting a guy? Do you want to deceive him into wanting you sexually? Believe me, it's not at all difficult for the majority of females to get the majority of males to feel hot for them. Is that your main intention? If, instead, you're seeking to attract someone you can have a real relationship with, stop thinking in terms of tricks. Don't play games. Begin peeling off your social masks as soon as decently possible (whether your clothes are on or not is actually beside the point). Guys respond to a warm and genuine smile. They find it disarming. It relaxes them and makes it much more likely they'll approach. Be real, warm, compassionate, non-judgmental. That's a rare enough "trick" to get a whole flock of the better sort of guys clamoring for your attention.

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