Two-Timing Boyfriend

Q: I recently found out my boyfriend of five months has a profile on a sex and swinger website. He has been writing messages to many random females telling them, in so many words, how adventurous he is in bed and how he wants to meet them and hook up. I was recently away and he wrote to different girls telling them he was in a relationship and she was out of town and he needed some entertainment. He claims that this is all a joke and that he and one of his buddies did this as entertainment. He swears he never cheated and was just doing it to see how many girls he could 'bait'. Needless to say I broke up with him. I mean, how do I know that was a joke? And, if he was happy with me, as he claims, why would he want to do that at all? Help! -- Nicole

Dr. Susan: What a delight it is to tell a letter-writer she did the right thing! Your boyfriend pulled one of the oldest tricks in the book (even though he used a computer, it's still a very old trick). He thought he could have it all: you and anyone else he felt like having a sexual fling with. When these thrill-and-novelty-seeking cads are caught with their pants down, they tell you it was just a joke, it didn't mean anything, my buddy made me do it, it's you I really love, and anyway "nothing happened." You were so right not to believe a word of his lies. Whether he actually got so far as to hook up with any of the women he managed to bait, you're much better off without him. Men with that sort of sense of humor need to have their selfish smiles wiped right off their faces.

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