Is He Cheating on Her?

Q: I have a feeling that my boyfriend is cheating on me but he won't come clean with me about it. A girl left him a voicemail on his phone, and in his phone he has her name. We have been together for one year and I trust him, but I'm afraid to lose him. What do you think I should do?? -- Kelsey, 18

Dr. Susan: People you can truly trust are usually open about why they got a phone call from someone of the opposite sex. Has your boyfriend told you who this other girl is? If his story sounded phony, you may be onto something. You say you trust him, but you really don't. I think you need to be more concerned that you might end up staying with someone who is untrustworthy, than about losing him. So I suggest you watch closely and be upfront about anything that makes you suspicious. Openness on both sides is the only way a relationship can work.

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