Who Needs Reassurance?

Q: I have been with my girlfriend for over a year and a half, and lately she has accused me of cheating on her. She hardly says "I love you" anymore and when I do talk to her it seems like she doesn't want to talk to me. But she still says that I should know that she loves me without the reassurance. Who doesn't need reassurance? What should I do and why is she doing this? -- Jordan, 22

Dr. Susan: All relationships cool down somewhat after about half a year to two years. That doesn't explain why your girlfriend suddenly thinks you're cheating on her. That rarely comes out of nowhere. Perhaps your behavior toward her has cooled more than you realize. If she doesn't want to talk and won't reassure you, something is going on. We all like reassurance, but more, we need to feel cherished. It's not always about the words. Actions can sometimes speak louder. Are you too dependent on hearing those words? Have you cheated? Could she be cheating? You two need to have a good old-fashioned talk about your and her feelings and what's causing them. Remember, you're both pretty young and this relationship might have run its course.

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