Why Hasn't She Called?

Q: I've recently become interested in a girl who is a "friend of a friend." Our mutual friend advised me that this girl was also very interested in me. After asking me for my phone number, she never called. After our mutual friend advised me it was because she was too nervous, I called her. I got her answering machine and left a message stating that I wanted to "get together and do something sometime, so call me." It's been 3 days and she still hasn't called. Why didn't she call me? -- Cole, 24

Dr. Susan: When a girl is really nervous about contacting a guy, calling him back takes as much bravery as it would to call him in the first place. You can't go wrong by calling her again and, if you have to, leaving another message. Leave your email, perhaps. Respect her so-called nervousness and make it easy for her. You might possibly leave a more specific message, such as asking if she's free the coming Saturday night, or even Sunday afternoon for a picnic or whatever.

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