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Q: Where can I meet women these days? It used to be the grocery store, but I know times have changed. I may be 56 chronologically, but I am much healthier and active than most people my age. What would be the youngest age of a woman I should possibly consider realistically? — Juan, 56

Dr. Susan: It's great that you're healthy and active, but be aware that there are a lot of others your age who are equally in good shape. So focus more on what you have to offer someone personality-wise than on how fit you are. The grocery store isn't a bad place to meet women, nor is the gym, or the coffee shop, or while volunteering for some cause you believe in. Have you tried online dating? It takes resilience and persistence, but remember that you only need to find one good person to make it worthwhile. There are meet-up ( events everywhere and for every age and interest these days. Search the internet, let your friends of any gender know that you're in the market so they can set you up. Even when so-called blind dates don't work out, they're good practice.

What age is the youngest you should be considering? You'll want someone with a bit of life experience, as you've had your own. Much younger than 45 and she may seem as though she's from a whole other generation. That or a few years older, and the odds are her kids, if she's had any, are either partly or all grown, which may be an asset to you. There are obviously no hard and fast rules, but why would a younger woman want to hitch up with an older guy, however healthy, unless he's got something special to offer? All you can really do is get out there and gauge how women perceive you and adjust accordingly.

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