Wife Liked Him Better with Hair

Q: No one is more surprised than I am that I've lost my hair. I'm not a totally bald 32 year old, but where my hairline starts is about a third back. I can grow a hipster beard in about a day but I've lost it on top. My wife of 6 years has known me with hair and without and keeps suggesting Rogaine, which shows her preference for my younger self. I told her we're together in sickness and health, richer or balder, but that doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions in a humorous way to get my point across? - Matt, 32

Dr. Susan: It's not easy to be funny about the sensitive topic of body image. I suspect that, as her own body changes, your wife will better understand what you're going through. That said, it could show your willingness to please her if you gave Rogaine a try, so long as she understands that it's not a perfect fix. It has to be applied daily, doesn't work for everyone, and if you ever stop using it, the hair disappears again.

More importantly, though we may fall in love with a person who has a young body, none of us gets to keep that young body forever. Assure your wife that you expect to love her no matter what time brings, and you can only hope she will offer you the same assurance.

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