Doesn't Like His Dogs

Q: I'm dating again after being divorced for several years. I've met a wonderful woman and we seem to have a lot in common except for one major issue: she doesn't like dogs. I have two Siberian huskies, which have been with me since they were puppies. Because of this, she's reluctant to spend time at my home. I've done everything from installing gates between rooms to stocking the bathroom with lint brushes, but she's still not interested. Is this relationship for the dogs? — Henry, 48

Dr. Susan: You sound more interested in her, and thus willing to compromise, more than she is interested in you. You love your dogs, she doesn't like dogs. Where does this leave your new relationship? In the dog house. If your dogs are indoors, she won't be. You would spend your time more productively by seeking a woman who doesn't mind dogs.

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