Shouldn't Dating Be a 2-Way Street?

Q: I'm having a difficult time determining whether the woman I recently started dating is genuinely interested in me, or just looking for an excuse to go out on someone else's dime. We have a good time together and the conversation is easy, but she never checks in with me in between dates so I'm getting the feeling she likes the "idea" of dating more than spending time specifically with me. — Stu, 40

Dr. Susan: Sometimes it's easy to know whether someone likes you as much as you are beginning to like them. When it isn't that easy, you might want to take more direct action. Is your date reserved, or maybe broke? If she's not calling to check in with you between dates, how does she react when you call her? I don't know how many dates you've gone on, but how about changing the routine a bit. For example, plan a picnic. You bring the wine, she brings the food. Or just go out for coffee for a change. Or invite her to your place for a very inexpensive meal. Let her know you'd love to hear from her sometimes. If you feel as though it's time, then it probably IS time, to learn whether she's the reciprocating type.

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