Is His Dating Plan Out-of-Date?

Q: Does anyone date the old-fashioned way anymore? It seems like all of my friends are meeting potential girlfriends on apps or social media, but I'd rather meet someone doing the activities that I enjoy like golf, hiking, and sporting events. I've gone to a few singles events centered around these activities but I get the feeling that women are making snap judgments on appearance and not really interested in getting to know me. There's got to be a better way to meet people, right? — Cy, 44

Dr. Susan: It's fine to want to meet someone the old way, but if, at 44, you've not yet happened on the right woman, why not try the newer methods? Before long, the women you find intriguing will be married, busy with kids, and even harder to meet. You may not find your great love while golfing or hiking or at sporting events. But that doesn't mean that whoever you do meet won't be agreeable to sharing some of those activities with you.

Sure, women make snap judgments based on the visual, but so do men! Dating sites work for many people, if you're not too picky or too quick to judge, and you describe yourself in a way that's appealing. Of course, some sites (the free ones, in my experience) can be frustrating, especially for men or women who don't fit the perfect template. Broaden your search, try new activities where more women are likely to attend. At singles events, try to get to know the women, rather than expecting them to pursue you.

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