Girlfriend Doesn't Trust Him

Q: My girlfriend's roommate has repeatedly made advances toward me. I've made it very clear that I'm not interested but I'm concerned that she may try to do something manipulative to break up my relationship. Whenever I've tried to talk to my girlfriend about it, she asks me what I've done to provoke such actions. I'm a good guy and would never cheat, so I find that assumption offensive. How do I manage this situation while preserving my relationship, or should I just end it now and avoid all the drama? — Joey, 31

Dr. Susan: It may be that your girlfriend doesn't know you long enough to trust you fully, or she's been burned before and thus suspects all men. You can only tell her again that you're doing nothing to encourage her roommate and have let her know you're not interested. You could try staying away from this conniving roommate until you've known your girlfriend long enough for her to trust you more. Certainly don't spend any time alone with her. Don't quit on this relationship without seeing if you can work through the trust issue.

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