How to Explain Not Dating

Q: My ex-wife and I divorced nearly five years ago and I've spent most of the time since focused on raising our two young kids. I reconnected with an old college friend at an alumni event a few weeks ago. We hit it off and made tentative plans to get together again sometime for coffee. After so many years of marriage and then a long dating drought, I'm nervous! How do I explain my long absence from sex and romance? - Dan, 47

Dr. Susan: Who's asking you to explain? And anyway, you weren't in prison or on an undercover spy mission, right? Taking a few years to focus on your young kids makes sense, and is kind of endearing. You were burned by a bad marriage and needed the time and space to be ready to try again. Nerves are so normal when dating! Don't act like you've done anything wrong. Do the coffee date, and you'll find it gets easier with practice.

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