A Dog is His Wife's Bestie

Q: I think my wife loves her dog more than me. She sleeps in the extra bedroom with the dog, not with me. She says the dog senses that I don't like him, and that it hurts both of their feelings. She spends hours at the dog park, and talks about all the guys there and their dogs. She never wants to have sex. She says I smell bad because I work on cars all day. But she's sleeping with a dog! He must smell worse than I do! When I try to cuddle up with her, the dog gets on her lap and just stares at me. It's weird! I feel left out in my own home. What should I do? - Winston, 45

Dr. Susan: Face the music (or the barking). Your wife is coming up with ridiculous excuses to avoid being near you. Sure, she loves her dog. But to claim that your dislike of the creature hurts both of their feelings? Oh, come on. If she likes to talk about other guys and their dogs, she's trying to make you jealous, or she's just mean. You smell after work? You can do things about that! Do not let this dog be the boss in your own house. However, you might need to see a therapist if you're going to determine why your relationship has gotten so bad. It's not about the dog, I assure you. Take a bath, lock the dog in another room, and have a serious chat with your wife.

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