Are All Office Affairs Risky?

Q: : I have a problem. Well, two problems, really. First of all, I think my boss is hitting on me and I'm not sure what to do about it. Second is she's hot and I want to hook up with her. But I know if it goes bad, it could go real bad. She could screw up my job if things don't work out. But she's hot! And I don't want to miss this chance. I really think she's into me. Not sure if I should go for it and see what happens. - Craig, 24

Dr. Susan: Listen closely: if you decide to "go for it and see what happens," you're a moron. You'd be shutting down your brain and following some stray hormones instead. I urge you to "miss the chance" to mess up your life, rather than worrying about missing a chance to hook up with someone inappropriate. Steer clear of her, don't be alone with her unnecessarily, and take her flirtiness as a pleasant joke. Not all bosses think things through, just like not all employees think with their brains. If you value your job, why risk it for a roll in the hay?

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