His Girlfriend's Still Dating Around

Q: A close friend recently gave me some upsetting news: while browsing an online dating site, he came across an active profile of my girlfriend! We've been together for about six weeks and there's been no sign of trouble. Do I confront her or just cut ties? - Jacob, 42

Dr. Susan: I always recommend confronting before bailing, but be ready to cut ties if the answers aren't satisfying. I once dated a guy whose ad continued to stay up for weeks after we began dating. He made one excuse after another, then finally admitted he "liked first-time sexual encounters." Great. At least I then had the truth and only myself to blame for falling for his feeble earlier excuses.

Not everyone automatically assumes that if they're dating, it's going to be exclusive. But if one of you assumes it is, and then finds out the other has different ideas, it's time to insist on the truth.

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