When No Means No

Q: My ex and I had a very bad break up earlier in the year. We recently got reacquainted but she hasn't gotten over the pain that I caused her. We live in different cities. She recently moved so I don't know where she lives. She came to my city to visit me. We started off having an excellent time, but then she tried to push my buttons so much that I told her to go. She stated she doesn't want to be bothered with me again, and she blocked my number and texts. Should I fight for her or should I just fall back? HELP!?! -- Joseph, 39

Dr. Susan: You're asking if you should "fight" for someone who has told you it's over, has blocked your number and texts, and lives in another city at an unknown address? No! Sometimes a bad breakup cannot be fixed, and the two of you have too many hurts and unresolved issues to make a go of it. Sure, she gave you a mixed message by coming to visit you. But now you MUST respect her desire to be out of this relationship. Fall back, and move on.

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