He Calls Her Paranoid

Q: I just broke up with my girlfriend and I'm not sure it was the right thing to do. I ended things when she got accepted to a grad school program several hours away. I liked her a lot, but I'm not sure it was love (we were only together a few months). I couldn't see doing two years of long-distance with someone I didn't know I could see a future with. Still, she's a great girl, we had fun together, and she was always there for me. Did I do the right thing or am I second-guessing myself? - Adam, 27

Dr. Susan: Sounds like you're second-guessing yourself due to missing your girlfriend already. Yet not committing to a monogamous long-distance relationship at this point, with this girl, does make sense for you. Going back on that decision to tie yourself down prematurely makes less sense. Give yourself a bit of time to get over her and your doubts, then get out there and meet new people.

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