Her Friendliness Is Too Flirty

Q: My girlfriend has always been friendly and social, but lately I feel like she's crossing some kind of a line. When we're out with friends, she acts flirty and available — even right in front of me. When I tell her it makes me uncomfortable, she accuses me of being jealous and insecure. Who's right? -- Jayden, 18

Dr. Susan: It's a matter of perception, not necessarily of right and wrong. You call her your girlfriend, but that word probably means less of a commitment to her than to you. The flirtiness is how she's learned to interact with guys. She likes the attention. In fact, she's possibly the one who is insecure to the point that she needs constant validation of her value from many guys.

You have every right to feel insecure about her loyalty, however. If she's not willing to tone down her flirtatiousness in front of you (and behind your back), you might have to reconsider if she's the right girlfriend for you.

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