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Q: After five years of being single, I've finally taken the plunge and started using an online dating service. It's not working as many of them seem to present themselves as legitimate dating sites but are really "hookup" sites. I keep changing my profile and pictures, but I haven't connected with many women I am interested in meeting for a date. Are there any other ways to meet women that aren't online or in a bar? -Steve, 45

Dr. Anna: Congrats on being ready to head back out there. If you want to find a big pool of potential dates, looking online certainly is convenient—but it seems you're not finding what you're looking for yet. Before you give up, consider asking a few trusted friends to check out your dating site profiles. Other than online dating, many people find partners through activities they enjoy. What about volunteering or joining a meet up related to a hobby you like? Be willing to be open and friendly without expectations. You might find what you're looking for in an unexpected place!

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