Ex Makes Him Nervous

Q: My girlfriend of five years (who I plan on marrying) has recently reconnected with an ex-boyfriend. They dated well over ten years ago, and he has since come out as gay. He recently broke up with his boyfriend and was feeling lonely and sad, and he reached out to a few old friends, one of them being my current girlfriend. I met him the other day and he looks like if Ryan Gosling cloned himself. I won't lie, he's very handsome. Since their reconnection they have been hanging out. A lot. And they do lots of "girlie" stuff, which I wouldn't want to do anyway. But there's just something that doesn't sit right with me. I mean, they dated ten years ago! Should I be worried that my future wife may be leaving me for Ryan Gosling's twin? -Robert, 35

Dr. Anna: The foundation of a good relationship is open and honest communication. Have you discussed your feelings with your girlfriend yet? Some level of questioning is natural. Does she still express interest in you? Is she being open and honest about her activities with him? If she is hiding or sneaking around, that's a bad sign. Listen to your gut, here, but also talk to her! It's okay to admit a bit of insecurity, but she can't help you with that if she's not aware of it. Perhaps you could go along on some outings with them and make an effort to befriend him too. You'll be able to better understand their friendship and also reassure yourself that nothing's changed between you and your girlfriend.

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