Texting During Dates

Q: I get a lot of business emails and texts and sometimes need to respond quickly. I'm dating a lot, and one woman got very upset when I politely asked to leave dinner for a minute to handle a business email and phone call. What is appropriate texting and cell phone use during a date? -Mario, 48

Dr. Anna: It comes down to how fully you can give your attention to your date. If you know that you're going to need to respond to something quickly, give your date a heads up. "Hey, I am so excited to be with you tonight, but I'm on call for work, so I may need to step out for a moment." Communicate that you care about them and deeply regret the interruption. Try to keep your phone away and on silent and check it less than once an hour unless there is a true emergency going on. If she can't handle it, then she can't handle you, and she's not the right one anyway.

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