Big Money Bachelor Party

Q: My good friend of twenty years is having a bachelor party in Las Vegas later this year. I haven’t said that I would go yet, but that’s because I don’t know if my wife would be okay with it. We will most likely be going to a strip club, and the last time I went to a club like that, I spent quite a lot of money. It took years of trying to convince my wife that I’m not a bad person and that I can be responsible with finances. My question is: should I just come up with an excuse and tell my friend that I can’t make it, or should I ask my wife to try and trust me? Maybe I can go but not spend any money? -Warren, 33

Dr. Anna: If you really want to go, come up with a plan to avoid the same mistakes as last time. Perhaps a better plan would be only taking a certain amount of cash or having a trustworthy friend hold your credit cards for the trip. Figure out a way to manage your spending and be responsible. Run the plan by your wife to get her input. It seems like making a plan for how to handle things differently could help you find a way to support your friend, have a good time, and maintain a good relationship with your wife.

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