Keeping Nephew's Secrets

Q:My nephew just confided in me and told me he's gay. He lives in a small town and is having a hard time adjusting to this, but did meet a guy who he likes and they are dating. My sister keeps bringing up to me that she thinks he's a dating a girl and he must be nervous to tell her (this girl is actually his best friend). I feel like saying something to my sister but don't want to break my nephew's confidence. It's just weird. How do I deal with this? --Kevin, 47

Dr. Anna: The fact that your nephew is able to trust and confide in you is a big deal. Oftentimes, kids feel alone and isolated—being able to talk to a trustworthy adult can be a huge relief. Unless you feel he is in some way in life-threatening danger, avoid breaking his trust. Talk to your nephew about why he's been reluctant to talk to his mom. Give him the support he needs to tell his family in his own way, but don't push him to do anything before he's ready. Listen to your sister and encourage her to be supportive to him and keep the lines of communication open. They will get there in their own time.

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