Wife Hates His New Car

Q: I truly love my wife. My problem is I just got a new super sports car, and we used it to go out to dinner. On the way home, I drove it like a sports car is intended to be driven with her sitting in the passenger seat. The whole incident lasted 15 seconds!!! Now she says she'll never ride in that car again!!! She calls it a dangerous weapon which should not be on public streets. What am I to do? -- Monty, 58

Dr. Susan: Try growing up? Sports cars aren't intended to be driven unsafely on city streets. Not to be a total killjoy, but it only takes a few seconds to cause death, mutilation, and mayhem by driving way too fast. I'm betting your wife isn't as much a risk-taker as you are, and perhaps she's had a bad experience or two related to speeding cars. Ask her, nicely, if that's what's causing her violent reaction to your one-time error. More importantly, though, you need to recognize her feelings about this and promise to drive safely from now on, no matter what car you're in. It may take her a while to believe you, especially if you keep insisting that your poor judgment is the car's fault. You really mustn't blame her for not having a death-wish. Sorry I couldn't take your side on this one, Monty, but I know what it's like to have my heart pound uncomfortably while I'm being driven somewhere by a certain kind of driver.

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