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Q: I've been married for about a year now, and things aren't going like I wanted. My relationship has hit the bottom, and my sex life died a long time ago. Lately I've been really craving sex bad, and the only other woman around is my mother-in-law, who we've been staying with for the last two years. She has somewhat of a thing for me but sometimes I can't tell. I want to make a move but I'm so scared. What should I do? -- Andreas, 19

Dr. Susan: Be very scared! I can't believe you would seriously consider messing up your life by messing with your mother-in-law. If your marriage has already hit bottom after a year, and your sex life has already disappeared when you and your wife are still so young, it might make the most sense for you and your wife to split up. Things are not going to get better by themselves, but they can certainly get a whole lot worse if you begin an affair with your wife's mother. It's a big world out there. Make the effort to change your situation, not just dig yourself deeper into the prison you've already put yourself in. Do the honorable thing. First, talk to your wife and find out why she's so uninterested in being intimate with you. I would strongly urge the two of you to get your own place to live, however humble. That might change everyone's feelings.

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