Too Soon to Choose Life Mate?

Q: I'm 19 and I have been dating the same girl for almost two years now. I have only had one previous relationship which lasted about 6 months. I think the relationship that I am in now is great. My girlfriend and I communicate very well and I feel extremely comfortable with our relationship. I think I love her but I'm not really sure that I know what love is. How do I know if this girl is right for me? Should I date other people? -- Dwight, 19

Dr. Susan: First I have to say that, at 19, you're awfully young to commit to one woman for the next 60 or so years. But I don't think that means you should suddenly start dating others. That might be fun and exciting, but at the cost of the lovely happy relationship you have now. If you feel that you love her, you probably do. There is no credible checklist to tell you if what you feel is "really" love. If you are able to solve problems that come up, that's good. If no problems have ever come up, then wait until they do, and see how the two of you cope. Being very comfortable with her is wonderful, so long as it's not so comfortable that you'll soon feel bored. The right mix of comfort and stimulation is great. I wouldn't throw the relationship away just because you worry about what you might be missing. If you're feeling a little dissatisfied now for whatever reason, those feelings may get stronger as more time passes. Just be honest with one another. And good luck!

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