Dreams of Being a Female?

Q: I dream of being a female in my next life, and I like being with other females in my dreams. I have always had these feelings. Am I bisexual? Can you help me? -- Mel, 56

Dr. Susan: These confused feelings, IF they trouble you, may reveal deep issues you might want to explore with a therapist. I don't particularly see that you are bisexual from what you've said. Sometimes our dreams simply explore all options, or open up doors we are only curious about but have no real interest in pursuing in waking life. Maybe you're finding your masculine identity too confining. Are there aspects of your life you would like to change, avenues you wish you could explore? Most of us learn to shut down "unacceptable" thoughts early on, thus limiting ourselves. You'll need to pursue this with someone who can help you figure out exactly what you really want help with.

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