Oversexed Senior Citizen

Q: I am a retired, widowed senior, and I am oversexed for an old man. I mostly see women from dating services. I just love sex but sometimes I feel as though I am doing something wrong. Why do I have this guilt complex? -- Sam, 80

Dr. Susan: Are you prone to guilt for a lot of things? If so, talk to a professional to see why guilt is getting in the way of a gratifying old age. Are you having a hard time getting over the feeling that you're being somehow unfaithful to your dead wife? That wouldn't be so unusual. You may be feeling guilty and wrong if indeed you ARE doing something not quite kosher. Do you pay the women you see? That would seem like a proper compromise. If not, then are you totally upfront that your interest is sexual and not a real relationship? Are you sure all your sexual experiences are safe ones, to protect both you and the woman? It's also possible that what you're calling oversexed may be simply your way to make contact with other humans and keep yourself interested in life. Yet if your sexuality feel obsessive, you may want to look deeper at what your real needs are. Otherwise, continue to enjoy yourself.

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